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Congratulations! You want to gain confidence, get the smile you love, and improve your oral health with Invisalign® clear braces. When it comes to braces, Invisalign® is by far the most comfortable, predictable, and effective product available. 

The first step towards your stunning smile is a complimentary consultation with the experienced Invisalign® providers at Advanced Dentistry by Design.  

During this free consultation you’ll get:

  • Free 3-D Scan Using iTero Element Scanner®
  • Smile Simulation With Photos of Your New Smile
  • Expert Consultation with our Invisalign® Expert Doctors 
  • Honest information on Invisalign® costs with details on payment options

If you choose to work with us the day of your consultation, you also get:

  • Free teeth whitening service 
  • 10% off your Invisalign® service 

How Much Does Invisalign Cost? 

Most people researching Invisalign clear braces want to know how much they cost. 

Invisalign is affordable. The treatment costs are actually similar to traditional braces, though at Advanced Dentistry By Design we think it’s a far superior way to improve your smile, which is why we use it for the majority of our cases. 

Getting an exact cost for your treatment and learning about the best payment options is one of main reasons to come in for consultation. We’ll evaluate your case and help you choose a payment plan that fits your needs such as:

  • Best use of your dental insurance 
  • Tax-free dollars from your FSA or HSA
  • Payment plans with 0% interest
  • Same-day service and cash discounts  

The results Invisalign provide are priceless. We’ll make sure you get those results with a budget and payment plan that will leave you smiling. 

Why You Should Choose Advanced Dentistry By Design as your Invisalign® Provider

It’s important to choose an experienced Invisalign® provider who understands the goals you want to achieve while taking into consideration your overall oral health. 

Dr. Woodlief and Dr. Khouri have over 20 years of combined orthodontic experience and use Invisalign® in most cases. 

At our San Jose office, we focus on creating a smile that is both beautiful and healthy.  We understand how the structure of the mouth and position of teeth ties into not only your oral health but also your overall health.  We take a comprehensive approach to each case to deliver the winning smile you want while also improving how your teeth function. We know a healthy smile also means a better quality of life!

Invisalign for Children

Does your child have narrow arches or crowded teeth?  Do they exhibit early signs of grinding/clenching, spotty sleeping patterns, and either hyperactivity or an inability to stay focused during the day?  Believe it or not, a lot of these issues are tied to their oral structures, and addressing them early can save them a lifetime of jaw and sleep issues in adulthood.  

One of the most common questions we get asked is, “At what age can Invisalign treatment begin?”  Our philosophy: the earlier the better!  Thanks to Invisalign First, which is specifically geared towards treating children with mixed dentition (a combination of baby and adult teeth), we can get in there and start improving the health and structure of your child’s mouth before they even hit their teenage years!

But what’s the point of doing Invisalign so early if they’re just going to lose their baby teeth?  The primary goal of Invisalign First is to help expand the patient’s arches to prepare them for when the adult teeth start to come in.  Children between the ages of 6-11 years old (before they hit puberty) are incredibly malleable, and by applying the proper pressure on their teeth with the Invisalign aligners, we can encourage the arches to expand and the bone around the teeth to permanently remodel and sustain those changes.  This not only creates enough room for the adult teeth to come in properly without needing to use aggressive expanders or extractions down the line, but wider arches also bestow a multitude of health benefits, such as proper airway function and breathing, improved sleep, and less risk of developing TMD or sleep apnea in adulthood.

Bring your child in for a FREE consultation and see if Invisalign First could be the right fit for them!  They’ll be thanking you for it later!

As these kids can attest, Invisalign will give you a lot of reasons to start smiling more as soon as you start your treatments. 

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