Growth Appliances (AGGA)

If you were choosing, would you pick surgery—or a nonsurgical alternative treatment?


In the past, surgery was the only option you’d have for fixing an underbite, overbite, or crossbite. These issues required complicated maxillofacial surgeries (that is, surgery related to facial bones and tissues) to correct—leading to risk, fear, pain, and often-lengthy recovery times.


But science has moved forward, and those days are gone. Now, you can opt for a new nonsurgical treatment. Facial growth orthodontics is the practice of using state-of-the-art devices to fix underbites, overbites, crossbites, and TMJ and sleep issues replacing the need for risky surgical procedures—and resolving problems at the source.


The Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (AGGA) is the best such device—and it’s the one we choose to offer, here at Victor D. Woodlief, DMD and Associates.


AGGA aids in achieving the “Big Three”


Linked to underdeveloped dental arches, issues with bites and TMJs often led to narrow palates. The result? The “big three” functions—nasal breathing, proper lip seal, and correct tongue posture—become unnecessarily difficult.


AGGA devices aim to redevelop your jaw, remodel your palate, open your nasal and oral airways, and facilitate your big three functions. AGGA makes your life easier—and improves your health.


  • Consistent Nasal Breathing – While breathing through the mouth can lead to sleep disorders like sleep apnea, nasal breathing ensures better sleep and a healthier body.


  • Proper Lip Seal – Chapped, cracked lips and a naturally agape mouth—we want to fix this and retrain your lips to close as they should.


  • Correct Tongue Posture – A narrow palate can impact the tongue posture—leading to snoring and mouth breathing.


Two Types of AGGA


A better bite is definitely in your genes—you just need the proper device to help you reach your genetic potential. Applied to the upper jaw, AGGA devices put light pressure on a nerve that stimulates your mouth’s growth centers, initiating bone remodeling. We’re not moving teeth, but we are physiologically coaxing your mouth to shift and perfect your mid-face positioning.


Fixed Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance at San Jose dentist officeFixed Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (FAGGA)

Adhered to the back molars, the appliance develops the upper arch forward, develops the midface, and creates room in your mouth. Each month, we will adjust the device to guide the remodeling properly.


After a few months of this treatment, your jaw will reach its full genetic potential. The final step is the use of ControlledArch® Braces to bring your back teeth forward, close any gaps, and create a beautiful and healthy smile—all without surgery.


Removable Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance at 95133 dentist officeRemovable Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (RAGGA)

When kids show early signs of underdeveloped arches—TMJ pain, difficulty swallowing, sleep apnea—you want to act quickly. Improper dental arch development can rapidly lead to teeth crowding, insufficient space for permanent teeth, and even more issues down the line.  


Geared towards children ages 6-10, RAGGA devices act like removable retainers. Like FAGGA, the device applies pressure on the growth center nerve and promotes proper growth of the jaw and palate—reducing the need for future extensive orthodontics and leading to happier kids and better smiles.


Ready to reach your full genetic potential and perfect the big three? Schedule a consultation today!