Emergency Dentistry

Emergencies are woven into the fabric of life in San Jose, CA. Luckily, Dr. Victor D. Woodlief and his team of dental professionals are here for you when the unexpected happens and you need immediate treatment.

We never want you to be in pain or risk future dental problems, so we treat dental emergencies and do everything we can to address your problem as quickly as possible.

Step One: Call Advanced Dentistry by Design for Emergency Dentistry in San Jose

The first step with any dental emergency is to call our office right away. Be prepared to give us a detailed description of your pain and other symptoms. Then, our caring team will ask questions to decide how quickly and with what methods your condition requires attention.

However, there is no ambiguity if you’ve just lost a permanent tooth in San Jose, Berryessa, or any of the surrounding areas due to an accident or other trauma. A knocked-out tooth is a definite emergency.

A Knocked-Out Tooth Emergency

A tooth gets knocked out under many circumstances, but every one results in a definite need for treatment. But time is of the essence. Therefore, we treat an avulsed tooth as an emergency because immediate action provides us the chance to save the tooth.

In any situation that results in a knocked-out tooth, the quick actions below are invaluable.

  1. The tooth’s root is fragile. Avoid touching it.
  2. Rinse the tooth gently with only water.
  3. If you can, return the tooth to its socket and hold it there
  4. If not in its socket, immerse the tooth in a container of milk.
  5. Call our clinic urgently.

If you act quickly and carefully, Dr. Woodlief or one of his dentists may be able to reset it.

Other Signs You Need an Emergency Dentist in San Jose

Tooth, gum, or mouth pain is something you should never ignore. Pain is, after all, one of the ways your body tells you something is wrong. However, because each person has a different pain tolerance, other symptoms should also be considered as well. 

Your dental emergency symptoms may include:

  • Gum Inflammation near the pain source
  • A blister on the gum
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • A tooth with extensive discoloration
  • A chipped, cracked, or broken tooth
  • A lost filling or other damaged dental restoration

Emergency Dentists Treat Infections Promptly

Tooth pain that accompanies heat and swelling in a particular spot are signs of a tooth infection. Infections are progressive and can develop into an abscess or root infection, both of which need immediate treatment.

If you ignore an infection, it inevitably advances, damaging your teeth and gums while causing increasing pain. Other symptoms of infection are swollen gums.

Contact Your Emergency Dentist Near Berryessa

We are ready to help when accidents happen, or toothaches are present. We can quickly assess and care for your teeth and gums. Contact us to receive the care you need now.