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Do you treat headaches and migraines?

Many people do not realize that headaches, neck aches, migraines, and shoulder pain can all be related to your jaw health. Jaw dysfunction can even cause earaches, ringing in the ears, dizziness, and fatigue. Teeth sensitivity is also common, especially when teeth clenching or grinding is also present.

Taking daily headache medication can sometimes minimize the symptoms, but unfortunately, the underlying condition still exists and may worsen over time. 

By addressing the health of your jaw joints and bite, we can effectively manage and reduce the amount of pain you experience, often eliminating them altogether. Addressing jaw pain and properly aligning your bite can also reduce facial tension and sore muscles, allowing you to enjoy better restorative sleep.

Dr. Woodlief takes a comprehensive approach to jaw treatment and will evaluate your symptoms along with the function of your joints and bite to determine the proper line of treatment for you. This may include splint therapy, injections, laser treatments, restorative dentistry, massage, or bite adjustment.

Each patient is different, and you can count on highly personalized treatment and results.

Contact Victor D. Woodlief, DMD, today to schedule an evaluation. We have helped hundreds of people lead pain-free lives by improving the health and comfort of their jaw joints. 

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