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How do I properly care for my dental crown?

You recently got a new crown for a problematic tooth, and you feel like you’re ready to take on anything. Your smile is finally back to its full function, and you’re proud of showing off your new and improved pearly whites. But now that you have a dental crown, how exactly do you take care of it to make sure it lasts?

Making Your Dental Crowns Last

With the proper dental care in Berryessa, you can easily extend your dental crown’s lifespan—even over 15 years! We believe that the best way to care for your dental crown is to combine routine visits to Advanced Dentistry by Design with a proper dental care regimen at home. 

Professional dental care includes exams and cleanings, which are essential for preserving your smile and ensuring your dental crown lasts for years to come. Here are three helpful hints for at-home dental care:

  1. Brush your teeth twice daily to remove plaque and maintain a strong smile
  2. Floss daily to stimulate your gums and clean between your teeth
  3. Avoid eating/chewing hard or sticky foods as they can cause breakage 

Foods To Avoid with Dental Crowns

Certain foods can cause damage to your dental crown, so be sure you are aware of what you’re eating and how it can affect your new tooth. The following foods can put too much pressure on your dental crown: 

  1. Nuts
  2. Crunchy fresh fruits and vegetables (i.e., carrots, apples)
  3. Hard or chewy candies and desserts (i.e., lollipops, caramel)
  4. Chewing gum

Comprehensive Dental Care in Berryessa 

Dr. Woodlief and our team at Advanced Dentistry by Design provide comprehensive dental care in Berryessa, CA. Call us today at (408) 258-5054 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Woodlief or Dr. Khouri.  

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