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If I don't notice issues, do I still need a dental exam?

Skipping a dental exam in San Jose is the same as skipping your annual physical. Waiting to visit the dentist when something goes wrong—toothache, oral health change, jaw swelling—puts you at risk for tooth loss, and more.

The American Dental Association recommends comprehensive dental exams and teeth cleanings twice per year, and this is for patients with healthy teeth and gums. It is this schedule that promotes lifelong oral health.

Your dental exam includes:

  • A comprehensive check of your teeth and gums
  • An oral cancer screening
  • X-rays periodically
  • A professional teeth cleaning—on exam day or soon after

Your exam findings tell your San Jose dentist whether you need general dental care, such as fillings or other specific treatments to restore your oral health.

At Advanced Dentistry by Design, we prefer to treat emerging issues rather than advanced oral health conditions. And the only way to catch developing problems is through regular dental exams. This approach is better for your oral health, and it helps you avoid invasive and costly treatments down the line.

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