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What is early intervention orthodontics?

Kids grow so rapidly that sometimes you turn around and your toddler is starting high school. If you have ever had a child who has experienced growth difficulties, you know that many of them can be corrected during the growth process. Teeth and jaw growth are no different.

By addressing conditions early while your child is still growing, they often have faster and more successful results.

We evaluate children as early as five years old to determine if they are on track for a healthy bite and properly aligned teeth. In some cases, pacifier use, mouth breathing, thumb sucking, and genetics can cause jaws to develop incorrectly.

By taking corrective action early, we can often avoid the need to remove perfectly healthy permanent teeth (often bicuspids) for orthodontic purposes in the future. Early intervention orthodontic treatment also results in a more attractive appearance because things like a diastema (a gap between the front teeth) and protrusion (bucked teeth) can often be avoided with the proper treatment.

Children's Orthodontics Near San Jose, CA

Palatal expanders, ALF treatment, space holders, full braces, and partial braces are each part of early orthodontic intervention treatment options to reduce the amount of time your child spends in braces later.

When you bring your child to our San Jose dental office, Dr. Woodlief will provide this service at the appropriate time so that you can make the best decision regarding the future of your child’s smile.

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