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What happens during my dental exam?

Dental checkups in San Jose are crucial to your long-term oral health and wellness. And a dental exam allows your dentist to do the following:

  • Compare oral changes between visits.
  • Check your teeth and gums for emerging dental health conditions.
  • Screen for oral cancers
  • Plan dental treatments based on findings
  • Talk to you about your oral health.

Periodically, your dentist recommends x-rays to have a look below the surface as well. This allows for comparisons with older films and helps spot potential issues before they become costly or time-consuming problems.

Based on findings, your dentist creates a treatment schedule to correct any issues and restore you to better oral health. For example, your dentist may find an emerging cavity that requires a small filling. If you skip your dental appointment, your dentist may also encounter a larger area of decay that can compromise your tooth's integrity. It is also better to catch gum disease in the gingivitis stage when it is still reversible instead of only treatable.

Your dentist in San Jose also makes time to answer your questions and share information with you during your appointment.

Is It Time for Your Dental Checkup?

If it’s time for your next exam, or if you have any questions, contact a dental team member today.

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