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What is ALF treatment?

ALF treatment, or Advanced Lightwire Functionals, is a discreet orthopedic treatment that addresses orthodontic conditions, sleep disorders, and jaw dysfunction (TMD). When used in conjunction with tongue and chewing exercises, it can effectively treat both adults and kids who suffer from spatial issues concerning their teeth, jaw, and tongue.

ALF treatment works very much like a fixed retainer but can also address palatal expansion to create a healthier bite and alignment for your teeth, palate, and jawbone. It can expand the amount of space near the back of your mouth and throat to allow for the freer flow of oxygen as the muscles relax during sleep.

Small loops in the therapeutic wire attach to teeth, glide along the inside of your teeth near the gumline, and use constant low-force pressure to create palatal space in instances of sleep disorders and small palatal development. It can also address instances of aggressive orthodontic treatment or trauma.

Dr. Woodlief will make regular adjustments to the wire to further your treatment and monitor your results as you progress. Treatment times depend upon your specific needs. Dr. Woodlief can estimate your treatment time once you come to our San Jose dental office for your evaluation. We will help you determine if ALF treatment will work for you.

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