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Has Your Smile Become Problematic? Read On for Solutions!

July 9, 2021
Posted By: Advanced Dentistry by Design

Chipped teeth, yellow stains or discoloration, worn teeth, gaps in your smile, or teeth overlapping are just a few of the situations that might contribute to a problematic smile. While eating and chewing comfortably in these situations is difficult, the truth is that a smile you feel embarrassed about also impacts how you feel when you interact with other people. If you don't feel confident, it could be holding you back from achieving your personal and professional goals.

When you're dealing with multiple problems with your teeth, the situation can start to feel hopeless when you're not even sure where to start! The good news is that your team at Advanced Dentistry by Design has solutions for you with a full mouth rehabilitation plan in San Jose, CA.

What Is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Full mouth rehabilitation focuses on returning form, function, and aesthetics to your smile. Each treatment plan is personalized and customized to meet the patient's specific needs.

Full mouth rehabilitation may utilize one or two treatment procedures to help the patient meet their smile goals. It could entail several treatment procedures that may take an extended time to complete. Some of the treatment procedures our dentists may recommend for you could include:

  • Porcelain restorations like veneers or crowns
  • Dental bridges
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Dental implants
  • Professional teeth whitening
  • Functional orthodontic treatment
  • Invisalign
  • Full or partial dentures

Taking the First Step Towards Your New Smile

The first step towards restoring your smile begins when you meet with one of our dentists, Dr. Woodlief or Dr. Khouri, for a smile evaluation. They'll discuss your goals for your smile with you during this appointment, perform a thorough examination, and determine the best course of action based on your unique needs.

We will also review the financial commitment your treatment plan entails and the time frame it will take to complete it. You can often break full mouth rehabilitation plans into phases to accommodate your busy schedule and better fit your budget.

Don't wait any longer to learn more about your options! Contact your San Jose dentist today at (408) 258-5054 to schedule your smile evaluation.



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