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How Preventive and General Dentistry Are Different

September 25, 2020
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With all the terms out there, it’s hard to keep track, but consider preventive dentistry your proactive treatments and general dentistry your dental maintenance. One is designed to prevent oral health conditions, and the other reverses these conditions and restores your oral health.

The American Dental Association and your general dentist in San Jose, CA recommend at least two dental visits per year to achieve healthy teeth and gums. If you are prone to cavities or have an existing oral health condition—periodontal disease, for example—this schedule changes.

What Is Preventive Dentistry?

Preventive dentistry lays the framework for a healthy smile, utilizing proactive treatments to prevent oral health conditions like cavities and gum disease. It also looks for emerging conditions like oral cancer, which may be more treatable if caught early. X-rays play a crucial role in uncovering emerging dental health issues, as well.

Professional teeth cleanings are another part of preventive dentistry. With this routine service, your hygienist clears away the bacteria and plaque that your toothbrush and floss can’t conquer. Bacteria and plaque contribute to oral health conditions. 

You make a crucial contribution to your oral care and prevention by brushing and flossing regularly.

General Dentistry in San Jose, CA

General dentistry is oral maintenance. It is here that your dentist treats cavities and performs services like root canal therapy or extractions. This arm of dentistry also considers your bite alignment and tooth replacement—both are essential to long-term oral health.

Often your dentist schedules general dentistry treatments based on findings during your preventive exam—gingivitis or a cavity, for example.

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