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What Is Myobrace, and How Can It Help My Child?

November 29, 2021
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Myobrace in San Jose, CA is a custom oral appliance that helps develop the oral arch. This helps prevent the need for braces later on or limits the timeframe that braces are needed in the future.

When the oral arch is properly developed—naturally or through Myobrace treatment—it helps ensure that teeth come in correctly and have adequate space on the jaw for proper function and alignment.

How Myobrace Works

The Myobrace is made of clear, smooth plastic for comfort and discretion. It gently expands the jaw or trains the jaw into a desirable arch to accommodate teeth correctly.  

Typically, your child will only have to wear their Myobrace for a few hours each day. Your child’s dentist in San Jose, CA may also recommend specific exercises to work toward the same goal with the brace. Exercises take only minutes per day.

Throughout treatment, we monitor your child to ensure the brace is working correctly.

How Can I Tell If My Child Needs Myobrace?

Signs that your child may have issues that require Myobrace treatment include:

  • Observing that their teeth are starting to crowd or overlap
  • Mouth breathing as opposed to proper nasal breathing
  • Mood changes or trouble concentrating during the day
  • Dark circles under the eyes or feeling tired more often
  • Neck or head posture changes

If you notice any of these symptoms or oral changes in your child, we encourage you to contact our dental office for an appointment. Early intervention with Myobrace can help with speech development and a straight smile in the future.

Contact Your Child’s Dentist in San Jose Today

Providing your child with a healthy, functioning, and beautiful smile is always our top priority. If you would like to arrange a consultation for Myobrace or have questions for our dental team, give us a call today. We are always eager to help.

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