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3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Oral Health at Home

August 1, 2020
Posted By: Advanced Dentistry by Design

When it comes to developing strong oral health habits, maintaining a happy smile is easier than you think. 

At Advanced Dentistry by Design, we want to make sure your teeth stay healthy and clean between your six-month general dentistry visits. The best way to accomplish this is to practice small, simple habits that keep your teeth shining and cavity-free throughout the year.

Below, our San Jose dentists suggest three easy ways you can protect your smile and improve your oral health:

#1 Floss at the Same Time Every Day

Even though flossing is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to keep your mouth healthy, if you’re like most Americans, you’re probably guilty of pushing this habit aside and skipping flossing far more often than you should. 

Flossing daily is the best way to prevent gum disease, and it only takes a few minutes. And because plaque takes an entire day to harden in your mouth thoroughly, you only need to floss once every 24 hours for the habit to be useful. 

To improve your at-home oral health routine, we suggest flossing at the same time every day and setting a reminder alarm on your phone to help keep yourself on track.

#2 Drink Water Alongside Sugary Drinks

As your San Jose dentist, we encourage you to drink sugary drinks like soda or juice very sparingly—and for the best results, cut them out of your diet altogether!

We recognize, however, that even adults like to have an occasional “treat” in the form of a strawberry lemonade or energy drink. To help your mouth counteract the liquid sugars found in these drinks, make sure to drink plenty of water alongside them. This water will help wash harmful acids off your enamel and ensure you don't fill up on empty calories.

#3 Chew Sugar-Free Gum Between Meals

We recommend chewing gum between meals and snacks to give your oral health an extra boost as long as you don't have jaw problems.

Chewing gum increases saliva production within your mouth, which in turn rinses bacteria away. Additionally, flavored gum can help curb cravings for unhealthy drinks and snacks that can damage your teeth. 

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