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7 Bad Dental Habits to Break in 2021

December 16, 2020
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7 Bad Dental Habits to Break in 2021 to Improve Overall Health

It's that time again where many folks make new year resolutions, which include self-improvement, job changes, lifestyle choices, and other things associated with a prosperous life. But, they often overlook their dental health. While taking care of oral health is an essential part of wellness practice, many of us fail to maintain good dental health.

Though we brush, floss, and get regular dental checkups, it’s not enough. Some habits like nail-biting, smoking, and teeth grinding may lead to serious dental issues. Therefore, with another year at the door, we need to be serious about breaking these bad habits we have carried for years. Here are the 7 bad dental habits that you need to eliminate before entering 2021.

  • Nail Biting
    Nail-biting is one of the common bad dental habits for most of us. Reports state that 20 to 30 percent of the population are nail biters. Besides dental issues, the harmful effects of nail-biting can extend to your overall health. So, if you don’t want to visit your dentist for anything serious, better break the habit of nail-biting in 2021.
  • Chewing on Ice
    Most people often crunch on the leftover ice cubes after savoring a cocktail or cold beverage, but they don’t know that this five-minute fun can lead to a serious dental issue called “SENSITIVITY”. Moreover, it may damage your teeth causing cracks and chips in the teeth enamel.
  • Brushing Too Hard
    Brushing is one of the good dental habits which eventually turns into a bad one when you brush your teeth too hard. Aggressive brushing can scrub your tooth enamel badly causing serious damage, sensitivity, and early decay. Besides this, brushing your teeth too hard can irritate your gums and cause them to expose your roots, leading to sensitivity to cold, hot, and acidic foods. There, you should pick your brush wisely. A soft-bristled toothbrush is recommended.
  • Opening Beer With Your Teeth
    If you don’t want to be ashamed of smiling in front of your crush, then this is perhaps the worst dental habit that you need to break in 2021. Many people show off their dental strength by opening beer bottles with teeth. Using your teeth as a bottle opener can lead to some serious dental injuries including chipped or broken teeth. These injuries can be painful and have a long-lasting impact on your teeth.
  • Clenching and Grinding Your Teeth
    People often clench and grind their teeth and sometimes they don’t even realize it. This is the biggest reason for chipped and cracked teeth. Besides this, it causes extreme pain and damage to the jaw. Additionally, it can cause your teeth to wear down over time. It is mainly caused by stress, so, you better find an effective solution to handle stress and anxiety.
  • Smoking and Chewing Tobacco
    Tobacco is the biggest enemy of your dental health. It stains your teeth and can cause you to gradually develop gum disease, causing early tooth decay and even tooth loss. Worse yet, tobacco products can cause cancer of the mouth, tongue, and lips as well. In fact, nearly every part of your mouth is affected by smoking and chewing tobacco.
  • Chewing on Pens and Pencils
    Some people have a habit of chewing pen caps and pencils while concentrating and interestingly, they are not aware of it. Chewing pens and pencils can put a lot of unnecessary pressure on your teeth, causing them to shift, chip, or crack. Other than this, it can irritate the soft tissues inside of your mouth, leading to sensitivity. Additionally, you can sometimes experience painful damage to your jaw. That’s why we encourage you to break this habit right away.

These are some bad dental habits that you need to break in 2021. If you want to keep your dental problems at bay, make sure you quit these bad dental habits before entering 2021. Though, you should visit your family dentist in San Jose regularly for a general dental checkup to identify and prevent serious dental issues. We at Advanced Dentistry by Design, bring experience and quality together to render the best dental care in San Jose, California.

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