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Why You Should Choose Family Dentistry

December 13, 2020
Posted By: Advanced Dentistry by Design Staff

Having a family is busy enough without dealing with multiple dentists and appointments every year. 

A pediatric dentist can take excellent care of your children’s oral health, and a general dentist can meet your dental needs and the needs of your spouse. But why juggle multiple appointments at different dental offices? With family dentistry, your entire family will enjoy professional dental services in one location.

A family dentist is equipped and trained to provide dental support to people of all ages. That means you won’t have to employ a pediatric dentist to care specifically for your children’s teeth. You and your children will all get dental services in the same place, which makes receiving dental care for your entire family simpler and more convenient.

Why choose family dentistry for your family?

Reduce Stress in Your Life

With all your family receiving services in one location, it will make scheduling your dental appointments simpler. You can schedule appointments for more than one family member on the same day, making for fewer trips to the dentist over the course of the year and less headache for you!

Enjoy Building a Relationship with Dental Staff

When you are visiting one dental location regularly, the dental staff and your dentist will get to know your entire family, which can make you feel more comfortable when going in for your dental appointments. 

Plus, if your children begin going to a family dentist at a young age, they could build a relationship with that specific dentist or dental office that could last a lifetime! Since a family dentist can meet the dental needs of people of all ages, you may never need to search for a new dental office.

Have All Your Dental Needs Met in One Place

Family dentists are trained extensively and can perform a variety of dental work, so they can offer you a full line of dental procedures. Many family dentists can do everything from perform simple procedures, like filling cavities, to more complicated procedures, like creating orthodontics and dentures. 

With family dentistry, your needs can be met in one location, making your life easier. And when your life is easier, you’re more likely to stay on schedule with your dental appointments and maintain good oral health!

For family dentistry in San Jose, CA, reach out to us at Advanced Dentistry by Design. We can help your entire family maintain their healthy, happy smiles! Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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