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Caring for Your New Dental Crown

August 12, 2020
Posted By: Advanced Dentistry by Design

Whether you received a new dental crown as a result of a root canal, a cracked tooth, or a cosmetic dental procedure, you’ll want to take care of your restoration so it lasts as long as possible.

Luckily, cleaning and protecting your tooth crown is easy and only takes a few minutes each day!

To keep your ceramic tooth in tip-top shape, our San Jose dentists recommend doing the following:

Avoid Biting Directly on the Tooth Crown While Eating Hard Foods 

Just as you would not chew a tough, hard food with your more delicate front teeth, we advise avoiding putting direct pressure on your crown if you’re eating something such as steak, a very crunchy vegetable or bread, or hard candy. 

Your dental crown is sturdy, and you can eat your favorite meals freely—just be wary of placing extreme force on your dental restoration. If you know you’ll be eating more precarious food, we recommend chewing those bites with the opposite side of your mouth. 

Floss Around Your Tooth Crown Each Night

When you have a dental crown, you should keep brushing and flossing as usual. Even though your artificial crown cannot decay like an ordinary tooth can, the area under the tooth crown is still prone to cavities and gum disease. 

For the best results, take a few extra seconds to thoroughly floss all around your San Jose dental crown and clean each side of the restoration.

Keep Your Natural Teeth in Line

If you wear orthodontic retainers or Invisalign clear braces, you’ll want to make sure you keep your smile appropriately aligned, so your teeth don’t shift and affect your dental crown. 

To keep your artificial tooth in place and covering the essential areas of your natural tooth underneath, you need to maintain your tooth alignment. Keeping your smile healthy and straight reduces the odds of cracking, chipping, or losing your tooth crown.

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